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iGoMoon work with technology companies that are serious about growth but are often frustrated that they have spent time, money, and effort on their website. Yet, it still doesn’t produce the results they had hoped for to support revenue growth and a better customer journey experience, from end to end.

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Professional, flexible and great team!

We've been working with iGoMoon since Q4 last year, and have been very impressed by their work and dedication to our projects. They have, among other things, helped us launch a new website in Hubspot, and been an active partner in our inbound marketing work. The team is skillled, service minded and have a real "can do" attitude.

Johanna Fagerstedt, Stockholm Marketing Association

30 Julho 2018

Great team with a great delivery model

We have used iGoMoon to create two HubSpot websites and to improve our marketing efforts using the HubSpot platform. They have a great set of skills ranging from design, front-end development and Inbound consultancy. What I enjoyed the most is their eager to improve our business and lead generation efforts, not just creating another good looking website.

Fredrik Selander

14 Agosto 2017

Competent and Creative

Professional team of specialists covering both business and tech aspects. Karnov Group have worked with IGM on several projects and we have meet an experienced team that are able to relate to our business and deliver as promised. They are able to think out of the box and make simple solutions in an otherwise complex infrastructure.

Peter Zandbergen

21 Outubro 2016

Successful rocket launch with a great team!

We have worked with iGoMoon to create and launch our new website in HubSpot and thereafter they have been acting as consultants to kickstart our inbound methodology. During the 6 month period we have worked with them, iGoMoon has continuously delighted us with their creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm. They are easy to communicate with, passionate about their work and great at what they do! The numbers speak for themselves. We average a 10 % conversion rate from visitors to contacts thanks to the thoughtfulness and creativity behind the new website. I can highly recommend iGoMoon if you are looking to venture into the world of inbound marketing and they definitely deliver on both functionality and design if you are in the market for a new website.

Stein Mjatveit

19 Outubro 2016

structured, creative and innovative

iGoMoon is our trusted partner in Inbound Marketing. They are up to date on the latest and greatest of hubspot-functionality. They are structured in their work and have a clear vision of our goals and visions going forward. We are very happy with our partnership.

Bettina Berntsen

17 Outubro 2016

Flexible and engaged

We have been working with iGoMoon for a little more than one year. They have not only been very competent in what they do but also very flexible in the scope of work and very adaptive to our needs. That they also have high work ethics and put a lot of heart in the what they produce is even more worth notifying. We could absolutely recommend to hire iGoMoon for helping out with anything that has to do with inbound marketing.

Christian Forsman

13 Outubro 2016