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Hüify is a dynamic digital marketing agency focused on driving sales revenue. We meticulously tailor our services to your specific business goals and help you achieve them (and then some). Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Hüify is a top-four ranked Hubspot partner deploying inbound and closed-loop marketing to achieve aggressive growth for our clients. RESULTS-DRIVEN APPROACH - Hüify took a SaaS company from 0-250k users in 12 months - Hüify achieved ROI of 5,000% within 2 months for a recent client - Hüify consistently achieves email open and click-through rates far in excess of industry standard - Hüify is among Hubspot’s fastest-growing and best performing partner agencies

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They are the

My company had the pleasure to work with Huify for a 3-month contract where they helped us set up and systematize our sales AND service side of our business. We have a B2C company that brings in a lot of leads daily, converting them into sales and then staying with the customer's journey through completion of our program. There were a lot of moving pieces to our organization and Sara worked with us through all of the highs and lows of the implementation. Could not be more happy with the results, as well as her flexibility to ensure everything was implemented smoothly. Already referring them to others!

Dillon Barr, Whitten & Roy Partnership

23 Maio 2019

Knowledgeable and Professional Inbound Marketers

Our experience with the team at Huify increased our website traffic 10 fold and our inbound leads by more than that. All of the Huify team members we worked with were very knowledgeable in their respective fields and easy to work with.

Jason Bataille

13 Fevereiro 2018

A great first time experience.

The staff at Huify were a pleasure to work with and taught us a great deal about digital marketing. They walked us through the process and were very professional.

Pat Lynch

13 Fevereiro 2018

Fantastic, flexible, and fluid

I've worked with the folks at Huify for close to a year now, and I'm consistently impressed with the organization. They're creative, well-versed in their field, and prepared to meet (and overcome) any challenge that comes their way. In addition to being total pros, they're just all-around nice people a rare and wonderful combination!

Nikki Jasper

12 Dezembro 2017

Great Flexible & Innovative Partners!

Our team has worked with Huify for over a year. We are a Construction SaaS Company who very much still operated like a construction company, especially when it came to marketing & sales. Huify was instrumental in our transition from a traditional marketing & sales effort to an efficient, data & systems oriented organization. It truly felt that they not only were great consultants, but independent & autonomous business partners, acutely aware of our own business culture, processes, and even changes to our industry. As the Head of Finance, I measure the health of the business & make recommendations based on the health of some common key metrics. Huify excelled in not only their understanding of the quantitative metrics, but also how to strategize and implement process qualitatively. Dakota & Kyle really showcased their team's ability to identify key objectives, but also how to work well within our own team to achieve them. Icing on the cake - super cool & easy

James Labastida

27 Novembro 2017

Phenomenal Team

A reliable, dynamic team!

Rick Treleaven

20 Novembro 2017