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Digital Doorway helps B2B and B2C companies with inbound marketing and sales transformation. We believe the key to getting better leads, nurturing high-quality prospects and winning new customers is the right strategy, processes, tools and content, not just technology. One of our first clients of 2017 experienced a 300% growth in revenues in 1 month due to marketing automation. Another customer got their first hot lead only 15 minutes after we launched their GDPR marketing campaign. Digital Doorway provides services in English, Dutch, and Norwegian. Our team has deep expertise in B2B and B2C marketing and sales for IT/tech, telco and finance. Services offered include: HubSpot Marketing Automation - get inbound marketing strategies, processes, tools, and content; and HubSpot Sales - improve sales productivity, align sales and marketing and close deals quicker

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An essential partner that goes the extra mile

Collabo, the HubSpot design & development partner of Digital Doorway, and WorkFlowWise go way back. The current iteration of the website is already the third design and, like the others before, is 100% built on HubSpot. Collabo has been especially pivotal to our rebranding in 2017. This wasn't just a new website, it was a completely new design language. We're extremely proud of the result and the fact that it was almost immediatly featured on HubSpot's own Inspire page is a testament to Collabo's fine work. It is the continuous dedication to a professional and enjoyable relationship that makes their work better every time. They also have a very enjoyable music taste.

Rolf Tjalsma

22 Janeiro 2018

Working with DD and Collabo has been great

We mainly worked with Collabo, the HubSpot design & development partner of Digital Doorway. Collabo is highly skilled in working with the technical side of HubSpot and also know how to implement features in our website that aren't (fully) supported by HubSpot. I think their creativity with the Hubspot COS enabled us to create a unique website; not as boring as most HubSpot websites that are based on design templates, which pretty much all look the same. I'm especially happy with all the custom modules that Collabo has built within HubSpot. I'm experiencing a great amount of independency on altering the website to my ideas in gaining a higher conversion rate and more leads. It saves us time and costs plus it gives us the freedom to make changes without contacting them and experiment on a short notice.At the moment we're continuously improving our website. Collabo proves to be a reliable partner with a fullservice approach. And most important, they're just nice guys.

Pim Scholten

11 Janeiro 2018

Part of the team

Digital Doorway has been more than just an extension of Moonoia's marketing department - they became part of the team from day 1. To this day, our collaboration is extremely helpful and insightful for us, given that DD's extensive expertise in the industry surpasses that of many of our members. On top of that, lovely people with lovely stories and personalities, always a pleasure to talk business!

Sinziana Andronic

20 Dezembro 2017

Dedicated and service minded

I find the people of Digital Doorway very dedicated and service minded, with a high level of knowledge. We have received expert help in the introduction of Inbound Marketing and are already seeing results. Upon completion of one of our campaigns, we received a request only minutes after sending! We are excited about the continuation of the cooperation.

Carina Brandtzæg

23 Novembro 2017